• DDES Earns Credentialed Status with EL Education for exceeding the standards in Mastery of Academic Skills, High Quality Work, and Character. DDES receives a Green State Rating for Performance. DDES exceeds the state and district in ELA and Math Status on CMAS/PARCC Test.

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    • We have been blessed beyond words at DDES. The EL model of education is a place where both of my boys, with very different learning styles, can grow and learn. The community has been so supportive and encouraging. We are so thankful we are here! My boys run in to school everyday!

      ~Rachael, DDES Parent
    • “After his two day camping adventure, my child reported being really proud of himself, because he was a leader and helped his crew with tenacity a lot. Celebrating adventure allows our son, who may not always lead in the classroom, the chance to shine.”

      Tara, DDES Parent
    • “I like that our crew used so much tenacity because it was really hard to carry all that stuff in our backpacks. When we were walking to the train station, I kept thinking about how heavy it was with all that shampoo and stuff in there. But then I thought about how homeless people carry ALL their belongings in their backpacks. Every time I see a homeless person, they have a giant backpack on that’s way bigger than mine. They must be really strong.”

      Oscar, 2nd grade student
    • DDES’ location downtown, combined with the EL Education model, has been a great learning experience. As a long-time Denver resident, I have witnessed the evolution of a great city and one that has really blossomed in recent years. This is partly because people (including families) have opted to make a home downtown and added a new level of vibrancy into the urban core.

      Mandy, DDES Parent
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    DDES is now a K-5 school and we have a talented staff to serve our families!IMG_6405
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