Before School Intramurals

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    Increase basic fundamental techniques, ability to work as a team, and good sporting behavior around major sports in order to promote an inclusive, respectful, and fun environment while building a breadth of knowledge in athletics.


    The DDES Before-School Intramural Program is a fee-based program that will consist of a variety of engaging and active games and sports. Each activity will last approximately 2-3 weeks with a few student-choice and specialty weeks added in. This allows time for the Intramural Leaders to teach core fundamentals, strategy, and cooperation in each game. Examples of games and activities being played are flag football, soccer, floor hockey, and whiffle ball.


    7:00 – 7:35am


    7:35 – 7:40am

    Pack-up/Transition Time

    7:40 – 8:00




    The Before-School Intramural Program will be held from 7am-7:35 am and will follow the normal school calendar. We will not be holding the Before-School Intramural Program on any non-school or holidays, including Winter Break, Spring Break, and Student-Led Conference days.


    The capacity for the Before-School Intramural Program will be 40 students. This allows for two Intramural Leaders to adequately manage and facilitate the students in a safe manner and allow for maximum participation time.

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    Steps for Intramural Registration:

    1. Read the Intramural Information Page
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