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High Quality Claim 2

  • Students at DDES apply higher-order literacy skills to create high quality expedition products.  

    At DDES, our learning expeditions provide a motivational context for students to learn, practice, and apply higher order literacy skills.  Students engage with a compelling topic for a significant portion of the school year in order to develop the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that are necessary to create a high quality product at the end of the unit.  We know that students will work hard to investigate, develop opinions about, and contribute to solutions for authentic issues that matter to them.  Our expeditions support students as they  build strong background knowledge in order to dig into complex texts.  Their knowledge grows through research based writing activities and protocoled discussions.  Eventually, they are able to apply both content knowledge and literacy skills to create products and presentations that encapsulate what they’ve learned and impact the world.  While there are examples of expeditions that promote the development of high-order literacy skills are DDES, we’ve decided to highlight examples from kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grade.  

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