High Quality Claim 3

  • DDES Students confidently communicate their learning by regularly presenting their work to varied and authentic audiences

  • In the fall of 2016, DDES students were given the opportunity to share their learning and impact with community leaders during the Downtown Denver Partnership’s Rocky Mountain Summit.  First grader Shea Martinez, third grader Atticus White-Lindstrom, and fifth grader Gabriel Hawkins-Diaz rose to the occasion with a thoughtful, articulate, and crowd-pleasing synthesis of the word we do at DDES! While there are many additional examples of authentic presentations, we’ve chosen to highlight further examples from 3rd grade and 5th grade.


    DDES students have many opportunities throughout their elementary school careers to articulate their learning during meaningful presentations.  We have discovered that authentic audiences are a key component of our goal to support students to do real work that mimics the work of adult experts .  Even when adults write reports for work, they often defend their creations during a presentation.  The presentations act as drivers for students to create quality products.  It’s one thing to share your work with your parents.  It’s quite another to share and defend your thinking to the public in an authentic location.  Students are motivated to fully prepare for the presentations through multiple revisions.  Finally, we want to take every opportunity to make sure DDES students know that they are agents of change.  Kids know that they are impacting their community while presenting what they’ve learned.  Our goal is to give students a chance to present their products to an authentic audience for every expedition unit, and we are getting close!  While there are many additional examples of authentic presentations, we’ve chosen to highlight examples from 3rd grade, 5th grade, and a presentation at the Denver Rocky Mountain Summit.  

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