Crew Club - Extended Care



    The Mission of the DDES Crew Club is to offer an enriching after-school experience for students that aims to build upon the high‐quality school culture that makes DDES unique.


    ● Provide engaging enrichment blocks that spark curiosity and inspire creativity.

    ● Build a healthy community, both physically and mentally, by promoting movement and positive social interaction.

    ● Encourage teamwork and character development through organized games and inclusive play.

    ● Explore the city around us in ways that enrich students’ cultural and civic experiences, while also igniting their sense of adventure.

    ● Nurture each child’s needs and interests based on the relationships we’ve built with them throughout the school day.


    The DDES Crew Club, is a fee-based, extended care program that will begin with a healthy snack, followed by an optional hour‐long enrichment block. Students will choose to either participate in the enrichment block, or to spend the hour in Homework Help, Quiet Reading/Reflective time, or another planned activity. Each day’s Enrichment curriculum will be centered around a specific content area ‐ Arts & Crafts, Engineering & Math, Science & Technology, and Drama & Theatre. These subjects will change throughout the year and will be overseen by DDES Program Leaders and Crew Club Program Managers. After transitioning from the enrichment blocks, students in the Crew Club will have the choice to participate in organized games/play or participate in a Quiet Reading/Reflective time.

  • Steps for Crew Club Enrollment:

    1. Read the DDES Crew Club General Information Page.
    2. Choose your child’s Option & Payment plan
    3. Submit a Registration Form online
    4. Read the SmartTuition Enrollment guide and register your child(ren) on SmartTuition. *You will need your child’s student ID. Please email if you do not have this 6-digit number.
    5. Set up recurring monthly payments on SmartTuition


    Additional Documents

    All Forms can be submitted online or found at DDES’s Front Desk

    Program Director: 720-424-2353
    Emergency contact : 720-261-6327

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