Family Council

  • Family Council Agendas and Minutes

    Welcome! The DDES Family Council is a parent-led effort to support our students, our school and our families.

    We started this organization in 2013 during the first year of DDES with a parent survey that identified four main areas of focus: fundraising, enrichment, organizing and communications.

    Join us! The leadership committee meets every month and sub-committees meet as needed. Click here to see a calendar of upcoming events. We’re always open to new ideas, so if you’d like to share an idea, join a committee or otherwise reach out to us, please email and we’ll get you connected to the right person.

    What We Do

    Leadership team: We coordinate the work of the subcommittees, maintain the Family Council finances, and are developing bylaws and applying for 501(c)3 status for the Family Council.  The 2015-2016 officers are:

    Co-Presidents: M.C. Platt & Justine Wentworth
    Secretary: Becky Gehrig
    Fundraising Co-Chairs: Deirdre Bell & Trish Gaudin

    Fundraising Committee: We plan and organize fundraisers ranging from small to large. Email to ask about our plan for 2016-17 and let us know where you’d like to get involved.

    Communications Committee: We facilitate communications between families, the Family Council and the school via bulletin boards, social media, written materials sent home with students, and the parent center on the DDES website.

    Communications Chair:  Rich Ashburn

    Equity Committee: We’re developing goals and plans to build a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the DDES community.

    Chair: Kristen Seidel for updates on this committee

    Special Needs Committee: We support DDES students, staff and families in learning more about issues and opportunities surrounding exceptional learners – including special needs, ELL, bilingual and gifted students. We meet every other Friday after dropoff at Emily’s Café.

    Chair: Lisa McDonald