Food Services

  • DDES will continue to partner with Revolution Foods and CharterChoice Collaborative (our School Food Authorizer) to provide healthy school meals. We will offer Breakfast and Lunch service for all students. Breakfast will be served everyday in Emily’s Café in the first floor lobby of EGC from 7:30-7:55a.m. Lunch will be served in the classroom, allowing for a flexible meal-time schedule. The meal prices for 2016-2017 school year will remain the same as the 2015-2016 school year. 

    How do I apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals?

    Please complete the CharterChoice Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application annually here. Important: We do not partner with Denver Public School District for our meal programs, so you must complete the Charter Choice Application in order to be eligible. Once the application is processed, CharterChoice Collaborative will send out letters of eligibility. Please note that benefits do not start until the application is processed and eligibility has been determined via CharterChoice, so any charges to the account prior to that determination are the responsibility of the family to pay. If you have any questions, please contact CharterChoice Collaborative at 303-953-4170.

    How do I pay for my student’s school meals?

    The preferred method of payment for your child’s school meals is online at, where you can check your child’s balance and make online payments. There is a fee to use a credit card, but there is NOT a fee to set up balance notifications. We strongly encourage all families to set up an account for their student regardless if they plan on using the system for payments. Alternatively, you can make a payment to the front office, where we will manually enter it into the mealtime system.  If you had funds in your child’s account at the end of the 16-17 school year, the funds will automatically roll over. How will I know my child’s balance? Creating a account is the easiest way to keep track of you child’s balance. You will need to set up email notifications on the profile page. Once set up, mealtime will send out low-balance notifications when your child’s balance goes under $5.00.  You must enter 128 before your child’s ID when you set up a mealtime account.

    What if my child’s balance goes in the negative?

    DDES cannot be held financially responsible for covering your child’s breakfast or lunch if you do not qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. If you receive a letter, email or phone call about your child’s balance being over 2 -$10.00 delinquent, please take it very seriously and make a payment immediately online or to the Front Office. If you child’s balance runs delinquent to -$20.00 or more, after attempts to collect payment, the account will be suspended and you must provide a sack-lunch from home. Please note that regardless of a child’s balance, there will never be an occasion where a student goes without a meal, or is served a less-nutritious meal at DDES. Allergies: Be sure to accurately fill out page 5 of the Student Verification Form included in this packet and list any allergies your child has. Our school nurse will relay this information with our food vendor who will put a flag on your child’s account, alerting our food server to your child’s needs.


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